It was really great having the documentary”Fire in the City” from 1951 posted to show how different things are now–

There are tons of documentaries on YouTube which anybody can see that are about the present day FDNY and its operations, a lot of them about Firefighting and trucks dashing down NYC streets, often shot from inside from the chauffer’s POV..

One the things that has really changed over the years, though , is the thoroughness of training at the FDNY.

Training has become a really big deal in Firefighting in the 21st Century, compared to what it was years ago..

I know Lt Gary Howard of the FDNY told me that back in 1968, he only got six weeks of training out on what was then called Welfare Island ( now Roosevelt Island)

This is a really nice documentary of the Family Day and Graduation of Probie FDNY FF Joseph Soto, whose daughter is noticeably present– as daddy goes through various training rituals and then there is all the pageantry ( with bagpipers of course) of the graduation itself, with hizzoner the Mayor and then Commissioner Cassano and a cast of well– loads of people.

The training now is practically six months and is the first step of the year and a half probationary period for NYC Firefighters, who are among the best trained, if the not THE best trained, in the world… ( training which continues when they get to the Firehouse.)

Below are some of the scenes of this great little drama/documentary, which is not really all that long and gives you a real feel for the whole situation and ceremony.

It was made, I notice, but an outfit called AllHailChri5Productions, which has a page on YouTube which I include here so you can see the kind of stuff they do.. ( I do not have rights to this material). ( The tagline says “My brother’s graduation day” so I guess it was probably
first thought of by someone in this FF Soto’s family):
This is the graduation day ceremony with training scenes ( great stuff)

This is the link to Chri5Productions I found