The photo above isn’t a shark its actually a compact fully capable personalised deep sea submarine!

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Don’t be too concerned with the safety features of this mini-sub in fact should there be any technical errors or un foreseen incidents the sub is designed to automatically float back to the surface thanks to its light weight and fully functional design features.

Yes you read that right! Its a fully functional sub ready to deep below reasonable depths under the sea.

This is now a reality people and you don’t have to be a billionaire to use one! ( you kinda need about $1.5 Million if you do want to own one) You can rent a few out at selected hotels that offer a limited deep ocean viewing, kind of like a scuba diving per hour trip but in a safe compact mini-sub!

But you should have at the very least have real/actual diving experience for safety reasons of-course this is after all an under water vessel and as safe as it may have been designed there is always that chance, one you can’t take especially if you bring your kids along for the ride.

But all-in-all its a great piece of emerging tech that could be the future personalised deep see diving!

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