When I was seven, we lived now in a suburb of Chicago which had tons of empty lots and new houses going up all over. With these excations and earth moving came often big dirt hills, upon which we would play the game “King of the Hill.”

Simple game– one boy would try to occupy the top of the hill against all comers, for as long as he could, often yelling “I’m King of the Hill!”

The other boys would try again and again and plot and scheme ( though not in a seditious way with each other-)- we were not sophisticated enough to realize two boys, or three ( a mutiny!) could band together to knock some kid off who was dominating for a long time and generally being a colossal insult by his continued dominance for much longer than we thought fair.

And so we have Donald Trump as current King of the Hill in the Republican Presidential Race. Mr. Trump’s continued dominance and his sneering at his rivals ( as Hillary Clinton said in parody on Saturday Night Live ,” Oh, the one who’s like ” You’re all a bunch of losers!”)–

In other words, just as some people (especially politicians ) take “victory laps”, Herr Trump likes to shout in so many different , taunting ways that he is still “King of the Hill”. e.g., ” And you, Rand Paul, with your measly two per cent” ( popularity in public opinion polls).

Trump even –always seeming to be several steps ahead of his competitiors– makes a temporary truce and sort of alliance with Ben Carson; ( Carson, the quixotic brain surgeon who takes a vacation during the campaign. Is he mental? as they say–could one say the brain surgeon maybe has a cerebral problem of his own?)

Anyway, while the Koch Bros gnash and grind their implants, “The Dude Abides”– Trump lucks out again and again from outrageous statements and even if he dips for a second in the polls, bounces back up again.

Pundits puzzle on Trump’s popularity.”He expresses the anger so many people feel” is the most common comment.

He does. And he does it better than his feckless fellow candidates, who step on their own and each other’s dicks all the time ( if you will pardon me using that turn of phrase).

A lot of the pundits sound like that famous convention speech line ” How long., America?!!” –How long can this Trump person persuade so many of the populace that he continues to maintain his advantageous position at the top of the hill? Isn’t he going to self-destruct EVENTUALLY as everyone has been saying since the onset of his reign?

Not bloody likely, as the Brits say. And now that his poll numbers are reaching 40% , a sense of at least temporary resignation.

I can just hear the Donald saying, ” and who are you going to suggest take my place? That loser Bobby Jindal?’ ( who has gone back to the lesser mud hills of his native Louisiana).

Jeb Bush splutters about the unfairness of it all. This of course from someone whose very existence in the race comes from advantage of birth and money that exactly typify what JFK notably said when he opined that “Life is not Fair.”

Well, since Trump has an opponent who has his own mud hill to stay on top of ( in terms of his reputation as a True Progressive– a position which as I have noted is really so tenuous that it can be threatened , at least for a while, by the ravings of a cockamamie gadfly like Noam Chomsky)–(who memorably pronounced Obama’s killing of Osama bin Laden as the biggest war crime in history… bringing Christopher Hitchens into the lists –as this charge HAD to be taken seriously by the Liberal elite and debated with all due seriousness..)

As to Obama’s other problems, which he is simply passing on to old Hillary as “the Clean Up Woman” ( read Dennis Smith’s article here about “Obama’s Wrong Speech” to get an idea of the deep doo doo Obama is in at the moment)–well, in the end, as he once noted, ” I am not in this for ME…Michelle and I will do just fine no matter what happens.” Which is true enough. Republicans are already making rude remarks about the planned Obama Library in Chicago, but that and all the other perks of being an ex President and an established Big League author are Obama’s safety net for him and his.

At the moment, I am not sure what new plan Donald Trump has announced to deal with the problem of Islamic Terrorism, but he is still saying it from his position on top of the hill. The opposition as noted is scrambling not to dethrone Trump but to figure out how they can benefit in the next election in their own rights ( with Hillary losing).