While business growth in the way of attracting new customers is incredibly important for all businesses, it’s important not to neglect current customers. The program is structured around three real life business challenges: enabling electronic payment acceptance among smaller merchants and providing secure eCommerce solutions; transforming the transit experience at airports; and building customer loyalty through the right offers at the right time.

Businesses typically install a tablet at the cashier with a feature that allows the customer to scan a QR code on the backside of their rewards card, enter their email address to log their purchases, or redeem their points they have earned at that location.

Through the platform, merchants should be able to develop new partnerships and discover new marketing opportunities with fellow business owners. With a growing community of customers and businesses we can help make people aware of a wide variety of developments or even concerns and help you pool support.

A diverse range of businesses have adopted Lucky Buys Reward as their customer loyalty program including; supermarkets, butchers, petrol stations, electrical stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, auto stores, hotels, and plant nurseries. Specializing in American and Egyptian styles of belly dance, Black Cat Belly Dance offers a wide selection of weekly classes in all levels of belly dance.

If you’re planning to start a customer rewards program, the biggest thing to remember is to make sure the rewards you offer are seen as valuable and exclusive. There are different incentives you can offer participating customers. Most research indicates that loyalty programs can help your business and keep customers coming back for more.

Many businesses have seen an increase in turnover as a result of using the Lucky Buys Reward program. Not just that, if a business or a company is running an offer or a promotion, Bebuzzd can send its customers the picture of the offer and provide live feedback about the effectiveness of the promotion with no additional cost.

You can arm wrestle a sandwich restaurant owner or ride along in a food truck that will let its best customers egg” the truck as it drives by. Dog-A-Holic will post a Portrait Of You And Your Dog On Our Wall and Red 7 Salon allows customers to Shave Our Heads With A 1-On-1 Owner Buzz Cut.” Belly works closely with each individual business to ensure the rewards are unique and personalized to that business’ brand and culture.

Every time a customer purchases something with their MasterCard, they can scan their receipt and spin the wheel. Customer-retention programs are not just for big brand name players. Give rewards of experiences that customers will value. It is a well known fact that loyalty rewards programs have been used to help shops increase footfall and profits.

The Loyalty Group will formulate and provide each business with an individual Marketing Action Plan (MAP) and offer continues support so that the program works best for every business. Why Thanx is a Top Loyalty and Rewards Innovator: Thanx is an effortless platform for both merchants and customers, allowing customers to earn rewards at their favorite retailers – no cards or check-ins required.

To mitigate this risk, it’s important to make customers feel like you’re not duping them out of odds should be no lower than 25%, and the purchase requirements to play should be attainable. Plus, the cost of establishing a rewards program is often much less than spending marketing dollars to find new customers.