how to hack someone instagram account 2017Mindset Evolution this guitar rock band from Perior, Illinois took the winning prize of the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival “Battle of the Bands” and are now moving forward to better things. The band is ready to push out their first Single “Burn it Down” which will launch on Prospect Park Records. During a short break from touring I had in order to catch up without the pain . vocalist Rob Ulrich, thanks to Justin with Mindset Evolutions Management, SKH Music and Steve Karas. Here is what Rob had condition expertise during our connection.

SS: Hey Rob thanks taking periods from your busy schedule to talk with me. I understand you have a lot happening it’s really an exciting time for you personally personally and the band.

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RU: Oh yeah! We have been doing that are whole livelihood. We actually have been lucky enough to get line on top of some really great bands all through the State. Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri all which is chalked regarding talent. Most of us work together in a great way, so yeah people are doing this throughout our career which will then continue to do this.

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