As I look back when I was a young cop, a Husband and Father, time flew. Patrolling in a radio car can be boring but that`s a good thing. We had many nights where nothing happened, quiet, mostly in bad weather. Winter meant more domestic violence because everybody is in the house. Warm nights could have meant more street fights, robberies etc.

I remember one night asking my partner what the date was, he said February 13th. I was glad I asked because the next day was V Day, and I had to get a card for my wife, and we had nothing to do anyway but shit happens.

I said, Drive over to Old Colony card and gift and we did. For some reason my partner parked down from the card shop and we walked to the store. As I reached the card store looking in, I grabbed my partner, stopping him. We were watching a strong arm robbery in the store and the actor or victim had no idea we were there.

We watched, a black male had the counter girl in a head lock, he was behind the counter holding her. He was emptying the cash register while choking off the girl. We were not rushing in , we were not sure if he had a weapon and did not want to create a hostage situation, so we watched.

He got done cleaning out the register, then threw the girl to the floor. He then hopped over the counter running out the door, right into us, it was beautiful.
He opened the glass door and we stepped in front of him. I remember saying ” And how are you doing tonight “. The look on his face was priceless.

He darted to the right and we tackled him, 20 dollar bills everywhere. As I remember these calls, these set of facts would have gotten him shot today. We liked tackling. I remember talking to him in the holding cell , he was wearing work boots. I told him he needed to put some thought in footwear doing a robbery where he may have to run. He probably was issued sneakers in State Prison.

My wife never got a Valentine `s card that year but she was thrilled we were there, me too.