If I ranked the horrific calls that I had or responded to as a back up , this was clearly one of the worse. I remember always knowing that the calls where kids may be the victim were always the worse. When you patrol night after night, you pick up a lot. You can tell the stress in another cop as they respond.

This night we were just driving down 7th St to the precinct ending our tour, it was 11pm. The dispatch gave a late car a call, 100 Montgomery St, a disturbance in the atrium. This building had over 20 stories, two sets of elevators. I heard the two officers tell dispatch they had arrived and seconds later ask for another car. I knew it was a busy night and back up may have been a lot further away then us, We responded.

As we arrived, we knew their was trouble on the 20th floor, a fight. We got there fast, the door was closing with the first officers going up, we were seconds behind.
As we exited on the 20th floor, we saw a female, handcuffed covered in blood. A male laying on the floor with stab marks all over him. There was another male and he was screaming ” I got her but I don`t know about the baby ” ( He was security for the building ) What Baby ?

We entered the apartment immediately and into the baby`s room. The Officer with me and I looked into the crib and to our horror saw a baby. She was covered in blood, about 3 months old. He picked up the infant, I was yelling to dispatch to keep the paramedics on the ground floor, we were running down 20 floors, we could not wait for them to come up, this baby was dying.

I remember leading the officer down floor after floor, he was holding the baby. On about the 10th floor, I asked the officer to hand me the baby, I was much faster. As he did I looked closer at this angel, her throat was cut, she lost a lot of blood but she had good color and I took off.

In seconds I reached the ground floor, screaming for paramedics while running toward the ambulance. I handed off the baby and away they went. The baby died that night but was alive when she reached the hospital, they could not save her. She suffered s slice across her throat by her Mom.

This woman had a serious case of postpartum depression. That night, her husband was sleeping and heard the baby cry. He walked in the room and saw his wife with a knife, attacking the baby. He jumped on her suffering several stab wounds. A neighbor called and the building security got there, risking his life, stopped the attack, but just too late.

About three years later, the Mom went in front of a judge. She was incarcerated since the incident and received extensive treatment. She was a Filipino nurse. Although now divorced, Her ex- husband asked the Judge to release her.
The Judge asked her ” What would you have me do”. He needed to decide whether to allow a trial to take place. This women was severely depressed when this happened. She asked to return to her country and was released.

This was one of the worse calls of my career.