I remember being one of many units responding to this call.
Dispatch: Wife is in bedroom with two kids. Husband has a rifle and is irate and threatening to kill her. He is holding her and the kids.

As we arrived minutes later, we parked down the block from the address and began to walk to the address. We managed to stay unseen close to the house and worked our way to the backyard. All other officers took safe positions in front and side.

We knew enough to know this was a very dangerous call and we were very concerned for the wife and kids. The actor was out of his mind, We could hear him screaming from inside the house.

We could hear him running back and forth through the house on the second floor. He realized the cops were outside and he was screaming as he ran to the windows. We were under an overhang in the yard. I looked up as he was yelling and saw the rifle. Our location was impossible for him to shoot.

He would stick his rifle out yelling, ” Scumbag Cops, Where are you, Fuck You “. Then he would run to the front of the house and give those cops a piece of his mind.

Dispatch: Anyone in the rear of that location ? Yes, East 1, we are in the rear yard.
Dispatch: When he runs toward your location, try to keep him there for a few. We got it.
Minutes later he was stomping through the house toward the yard. He looked out the window and yelled ” Where are you fucking cops “?

I responded loudly ” Fuck You ” I knew he had no shot at us under the overhang. I turned it up a bit, ” Your a pussy ” I loudly proclaimed. He was pissed and was swinging the rifle all over saying “Fuck You”. We argued for a minute and he turned around to head back to the front of the house.

We heard him running, then we heard him hit the floor. The officers in the front removed the wife and kids then stayed in the house, all in minutes. When this fucking idiot was running toward the front, he was clothes lined by two great cops. Threat over.

I remember thinking how smart and brave those cops were that entered the front, it was classic old school policing, and a lot of balls. These were not SWAT trained, just street cops. Thinking on your feet was critical. As a patrol cop you just never know what you will walk into, being killed is a real possibility. This was one call that ended well.