beefIt wasn’t that long ago when it was difficult to get one’s practical beef tenderloin steaks as a result of the cost, the good news is that the retail price is dropping they’re quickly rising in popularity and more people can easily take advantage of the deliciousness from the filet mignon steaks. Some from the best ones are Black Angus and Sterling silver, which are the more expensive brands, though price won’t appear to be an issue for the people that are looking for it bad enough.

Does the difference really matter? If you want a choice that’s useful to you, great for the earth, and great for your tastebuds, this is a quick primer about what separates the very best from the rest.1. Raised right. The best beef originates from happy cows. If you think that sounds crazy, have not visited a tiny organic farm focusing on grass-fed beef.

Below are 3 delicious ground beef recipes which can be filling and real crowd pleasers. Just because you might be cooking with ground beef, doesn’t imply it needs to be unhealthy. Most of the ground beef you find in supermarkets today is set with fat, cholesterol and hormones, but increasingly more supermarkets start to offer healthy organic meats to consumers, so hopefully you need to be able to find healthy ground beef in the area.

The Good4U Food Dehydrator: This dehydrator is a little new twist to old designs. The unit is door-less.  The manufacture took a different way of the unit, very clean and very inventive.  For ten shelves and horizontal drying this is a great value.  It can be located on the internet for around $170. 

Many people give their dogs rawhide bones and treats. These are technically made from beef, as they come from the hides of cows. All of the hides have an inner plus an outer layer, which dog treats are created through the processing of tissue in the inner layer. Some companies label their treats as �raw hide�, and some market them as �beef hide� given it sounds better.