A Christian girl in Pakistanw reportedly been killed by a group of Muslim men after she refused their sexual advances.

Reports indicate that as the group of Christian girls walked home, a group of four Muslim men blocked their path in a car and confronted them and told them lewd suggestions hinting on sexual acts they wanted to do to the girls.

When the girls refused their advances, the Muslims became enraged and hit the group of Christians with the car. One of the Christians was killed and the two others were severely injured.

In Pakistan, Christians are considered second class citizens by the Muslim majority.

Talk about racism is this what religion teaches you, to be rude to women and harass them for sex and hit them with cars if they refuse you?

I have nothing against Muslims in general and I am not favoring Christians as well. I’m simply talking about human beings and acting like one. If this is what your religion teaches you to be maybe its not the right one for you to be a better person.

We’ve heard it all time and again this is not a religious act this is a humanitarian crime that needs to be given proper notice. no one is a 2nd class person.

And no religion is absolute, you do not have any right even if you are a Muslim!