McClure, Pawlowski, Hancock, Treubert and the rest of the cast of The Drowsy Chaperone will conclude the Nashville leg of their National Tour with five shows remaining. 8:00pm shows tonight and tomorrow night, February 12 and 13; a 2:00pm matinee on Saturday the 13th; a 1:00pm matinee on Sunday the 14th and a final performance at 6:30pm on Valentine’s night. For ticket and more information CLICK HERE. JP: I mentioned to Patti that the costumes are spectacular. I particularly loved the red coat you put on at the end of Show Off.

During that number you have what, three, four, five costume changes? Has there ever been a night when you had a slight wardrobe malfunction? The next month was the most agonizing and excruciating month for my wife and I. Daily trips to the hospital to spend time with our son, who was living inside a see through box, was very hard. The NICU staff kept calming us down and explaining that he is doing everything a preemie is suppose to do, were not comforting. At that age the adrafinil is not fully developed, any “episode” which basically means a drop in the heart rate, a drop in oxygen intake or collapse of lungs could mean THE END.

Operating on pure faith, optimism and support for one another got us through what was the scariest time in the life of my wife and I. Yves Kieffler, the former French coach who groomed the 2004 generation, was rejected in Switzerland by the gymnasts themselves (Ariella Kaeslin and others refused to work with him) and moved to Belgium, where he’s busy whipping the national team into shape if the looks of Julie Croket, Antje Alertec Velde and Lisa Verschueren are any indication.

JONATHAN PINKERTON: “Champagne makes me drowsy” after seeing Nashville’s opening night, that’s now my facebook status! What’s your favorite part of the play? Prescription addtabz were used by wrongly. Some stars use addtabz, such as adderall (that in intended for attention-deficit problem or also Clenbuterol (a respiratory medicine for horses).

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