With so many kinds of netbooks available today, it only means that the competition among brands and models is getting sturdy, and the process of choosing the most excellent netbook is becoming a more accosting task. With their diminutive size, trouble-free internet access, expedient portability and significantly high performance, netbooks are indeed the perfect choice for the adventurous workaholic, the hard-working student, the tech savvy buff and the fashionable career woman. Among the highest rated would constantly include models from Asus, Samsung and Acer, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Dell, and many more.

The first ‘netbooks’ actually got launched in Europe in the late 20th century. Today, they are smaller and restrain more computing technology. If you travel a great deal for work, and most of that work is e-mail and web-portal related, owning one will in fact lighten up your carry-on. It can browse the web flawlessly and is just like a smaller notebook PC. There are limitations, though, such as smaller amount of storage, no CD/DVD drive on most, and they can usually only run a few applications at a time due to their limited power, but, if you only need that e-mail access and some web work, this will satisfy you very well indeed.

Microsoft has released Windows 7 Starter for the purpose of netbooks. It is a significantly scaled down version of the Windows 7 Operating System. Much of the system is decent and the security is actually rather good. It may be great for some field representative who only uses a couple of applications and does not need the other bells and whistles of a fully-functional Microsoft Windows Operating System. On the other hand, most of us would not want to buy a system that is limited to only a few features; we want something which can do everything. In that case, consider purchasing a netbook with Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Ultimate. It is thus recommended that you get the standard version of the Microsoft Windows OS if you want all of that functionality.

If you are looking for a netbook, make sure you get exactly what you need, and you will likely need more than what Windows 7 Starter has. Get the download full verson free version of Microsoft Windows 7 and you will be much more satisfied in executing your tasks. If you want some good discounts, visit an online store that sells genuine Microsoft products.