7 financial sponsors are moving a steel beam from New York City to Ft Collins, CO.
This beam is going through 10 states with the Patriot Guard of 400-600 motorcycle riders.
This beam is VERY SPECIAL
It’s a World Trade Center Beam from Sept-11.
In cooperation with The Terry Farrell Firefighter Fund this is one of the last pieces of World Trade Center steel that is being given to a fire department.
The Poudre Fire Authority, CO members of the Urban Search and Rescue Team, Colorado Task Force 1, were tasked and dispatched to the scene of the World Trade Center Twin Towers collapse shortly after the terrorist attack on our citizens and country on September 11th.
The team worked there for several weeks to locate victims. The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund and State of New York’s Port Authority have donated this momentous artifact to the Poudre Fire Authority.
Pictured here is Poudre Fire Captains Jim Durkin and Jim Salisbury an the “Twin Towers Beam Hauler” on the morning of their departure for NYC.
Read more details here, updates on their location, how the trip is progressing, and pictures from their journey, will be shared here.