The main difference between Bats and Flying Foxes is that Bats use echo location to “see” where they are going while Flying Foxes are often bigger than the average bat they have clear vision that even allows them to see up to 3 times more than humans can.

While most people have regarded bats to be linked to blood-sucking vampires like Count Dracula! They actually prefer eating fruits and the main reason why the go out at night is due to the fact that they are avoiding day time predators which also indicates the peaceful nature of this animal.

Bats are essential to forests because they act as gardeners where they help different varieties of fruit bearing trees multiply by spreading the seeds of the fruit they eat all over the area.

Sadly, the harsh reality remains that the population of bats are slowly dwindling down. primarily due to the loss of habitat for these magnificent creatures.

Part of the reasons also indicate the poaching of these bats where in some cultures bats are considered a rare delicacy and because of this more and more hunters are shooting down these nocturnal creatures for profit….

If this goes on we would not only lose the bats as an existing animal, we would also lose nature’s gardeners and in that regard we would also increase our global warming problem because with less bats comes less seeds would be planted and less trees equal more heat and pollution.

Oh and lets not forget trees make oxygen the very air that we breath… Everything is connected, please urge your friends and relatives not to purchase bat related products.