ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) – New New Jersey officials enounce a Philadelphia valet has been in remission for selling bull harden tickets for the Philadelphia Eagles football game team, and then attempting to habit the money to risk at an Atlantic Metropolis gambling casino.

cemePolice sound out the 56-year-older man, who is a commissioned attorney in Freshly Jersey, set an poker ceme online ( advertizing for a City of Brotherly Love Eagles Sports stadium Detergent builder Licence and claimed he was selling it on behalf of a yoke. The Insistence of Atlantic City reports the shady sold the permission in late January for $9,400.

New Tee shirt Say Police force say the human beings and so attempted to hazard the money on Jan. 29, and was arrested ulterior that sidereal day. Government enounce he is supercharged with stealing by illusion.

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Information from: The Squeeze of Atlantic Metropolis (N.J.), website Human being sells pseud Eagles time of year fall out for gambling money