Barbara Winters DiBernardo just posted this on Facebook:

Can you imagine being forced to jump 5 stories into the alley below? Well, 6 brave members of the FDNY did just that in the Bronx on January 23, 2005. Two firemen did not survive the jump, and the other 4 were critically injured. One of those 4 (my son) died in 2011, as a result of those injuries. This day came to be known as Black Sunday, because a Brooklyn firefighter also lost his life that day in a collapse. As the 11th anniversary of Black Sunday approaches, please remember these 7 men in your thoughts and prayers. Three of these men may still be alive but that does not mean they are free from emotional and physical pain on a daily basis.


I made this film a year ago….I was going to go to Grants Tomb but read the Denis Hamill article (Daily News Online) and decided to make a trip to the local Fireman’s Memorial over here on Riverside Drive, and do an impromptu tribute to the Black Sunday FF’s and to all our FF’;s and their families who have sacrificed so much/ –PARDON the great tech imperfections, I was winging this and had no idea that the wind would drown out my narrative at certain key moments! ( I hope the message comes through anyway though)–so here, for all its roughness, is my little video–