Cam Newton has been breaking NFL rules since his rookie season

converse chucks reduziertCam Newton has been wearing an illegal uniform throughout his NFL career. The violation was discovered by Chris Smith ofForbes, who noticeda black Under Armour logo on the black clip that attaches Newton visor to his facemask.

NFL rules expressly prohibit players from displaying, or orally promoting equipment, apparel, or other items that carry commercial names or converse shoes ireland logos/identifications of companies, unless such commercial identification has been approved in advance by the League office.

How did it go unnoticed this long? Smith said the Panthers didn consider it a violation because the logo is blacked out against the black color of the clip. The NFL has a different opinion. Randall Liu, the league director of NFC communications, told Smith the logo was a violation of NFL rules. Liu didn respond when Smith asked him how Newton has gotten away with it during his previous two seasons in the league.

Newton in 2011. (USA TODAY Sports Images)

Nothing gets past the NFL. It like a parent who has a sixth sense about when their child is up to no good. So even though Newton is a millionaire athlete and Under Armour is a billion dollar company, converse shoes ireland this feels like a real underdog story. Expect it to end very soon.