About Wavepeg.com

Wavepeg.com is owned by Wavepeg LLC, and was conceived and created in 2014 by Dennis Smith (for bio see www.dennissmith.com). It is a social media company designed to communicate within specific areas of interests, both in your professional and social worlds, globally, nationally, or confined to specific cities. We call there areas of interests and professions “Worlds,” and so far we have a landscape of over 90 “worlds.”

Join communities with substantial views

It publishes in 399 imprints and spaces every “peg” that is written – comments, ideas, gripes, criticisms and reviews, innovations, news, and sometimes even supercilious meanderings. It is designed to say something more than the short sarcasm and top of the mind comment, for our “pegs” have room enough to have a beginning, a middle, and an end, so that you bring substance to your views.

One website to fit all your thoughts and interests

Wavepeg is designed to make available the possibility of commenting in one place about both your job (profession) and your interests (as a fan of sports or film or anything fun), one website fits all things serious or not so serious, and then to send that comment, info, review, or criticism to:

  • One person
  • To your entire city or any city in the world
  • To every member across the nation, even all nations
  • And, while you are at it you can email your “peg” to your cousin in Timbuktu who never heard of Wavepeg.com

From professional worlds to personal interests

Wavepeg.com brings your business mates and associates together, and also your after work friends who want to know your view of the latest game, ballet, movie, or any hobby or entertainment. And, it is all free.

Create Personal “Worlds” and “Long-Pegs” via our Premium Membership

If you want to have a personal or even a secret “World,” we can do that with a tiny monthly cost. If you like to write long, or if you blog, we have that covered too – for just $5 a month our premium membership give you, additionally, our “long-peg.” This is a blog space of 2000 words, twice the length of most op-ed page articles. This is a part of other premium benefits, like a verified membership, and creating a personal “World,” or an exciting “company World,” a private page that brings the job’s schedule, info, gossip, news, and events to your home computer and your cell phone – all things at all times.

Orderly Life = Orderly Design + Orderly Mind

Finally, Wavepeg.com is at the forefront of what is new and innovative. You can post your videos and photos, as you can anywhere, but with us you do not appear to be crowded or scattered. We all want an orderly life, and we realize that it takes an orderly design to present the ideas of an orderly mind. So that’s us.

Join a line up of communities that matter to your interests, professional life, views and interests. We bring you the voice of sharing your substantial thoughts worldwide. Login or Register now!