How to Make Plastic Bag Ice Cream

Seal 1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 tsp. of vanilla and converse prezzo basso 1 tbsp. of sugar in a quart size zipper bag, making sure to squeeze out as much of the air you can so the bag doesn’t open when you shake it.

Double bag the mixture to avoid leakage. Place the first bag into a second quart size zipper bag, releasing as much air as possible before sealing it tightly.

Sprinkle 4 tbsp. of rock salt on top of the ice. Though regular salt will also work, your ice cream won’t be as solidly frozen. Rock salt is specifically designed to absorb heat and converse online lower the freezing point of water.

Seal the gallon bag tightly after letting out as much air as you can.

Put on plastic gloves to protect your hands from the cold or wrap the bag in a towel or old t shirt.

Shake and gently squeeze the bag. You’ll need to make sure that the inner bag is constantly surrounded by ice during this process.

Check the mixture about five minutes into shaking it. If it’s not ice cream yet, converse prezzo basso it will be well on its way. Shake it a few minutes more if necessary, then open the bag over the sink.