Every police officer I know can easily put him or herself in the shoes of a Birmingham, Alabama detective who today stopped someone for driving erratically. The detective was on his way to investigate an armed robbery. The citizen got out of his car, and started to act aggressively towards the detective. The detective actively thought to draw his weapon, but then he remembered the press accounts.

What press accounts? Just about every press account, for all but a precious few are biased against the police when a man or a woman of color is shot. And so he decided to try to calm the situation. The man attacked him, grabbed his weapon, and pistol whipped him with it, rendering a head wound that required 15 stitches.

His reluctance to protect himself in a very dangerous situation, he himself stated, came from remembering what happens to police officers in every instance of a black person being shot by a law enforcement official.

If he was a reader of the Bible he might think that he was being asked to play Isaac to the Mayor’s Abraham – Abraham being devoted to today’s god of political correctness.

He might have been remembering Ferguson Police Officer Gary Wilson. Wilson’s profession and his family income and security were stolen from him, even though he was innocent of all charges. He had to resign because he saw his life was endangered as a Ferguson Police Office. Or, he might have remembered Police Officer Sean Bolton in Memphis who saw a suspicious illegally parked car and went to investigate. The passenger, convicted felon Tremaine Wilbourn, 29, got out of the car and confronted Officer Bolton, shooting him multiple times. Officer Sean Bolton, killed in the line of duty.

Or, perhaps he remembered the 6 police officers arrested in Baltimore in what is probably the most ill conceived and anti-police prosecution in history, all of whom who are now facing years of jail time – guilty only of failing a week-old regulation to buckle in a prisoner.

It should be a national standard that if a police officer stops or questions a person of interest in a vehicle, and the driver or a passenger exits that vehicle for any reason, the police authority must immediately draw his weapon to protect against a possible violence. This should be a national safety standard, but most importantly, the police officer must protect him or herself for his children’s sake, for his own well being, and for his family’s sake.

Many if not most politicians, and the the mainstream press, will not support you if are a police officer, but at least you will be alive, and you will be someone to love for your family. Don\’t hang back, don’t hesitate while thinking of how they will seek to crucify you because you were doing your duty.

Just remember it is these same men and women who are seeking to hurt America by being against you in their knee jerk reactions whenever race is involved. It is not enough to wish this reality were not so.