Our hearts are trying to become one with your hearts at this moment. Filled with grief, and cruel anticipation. You are in the middle of it. It is not over. They bombed the airport and then they bombed the train station. We are so sorry you must endure this further Islamic terrorism inflicted upon peace loving peoples, that you have to endure this minute by minute torture to the minds and hearts of so many. How will we live without them? We so loved them. What will we tell the children, where will we go to relieve the fear and the suffering?

We in America and in other parts of the world are with you. We pray to God for your intentions.

Now, things must be thought about. You must now make certain that the other primary and secondary targets in your city, and in every city in the western world are protected. The diversions are real and frightening and extensive protections are called for. In every western city in the world where there are American troops near to these targets, we should be calling upon those troops to help protect the work of mankind that has risen through the enlightenment and the ages of building. The world needs leadership now. We all pray that you get this needed leadership wherever you are.