From corner sandwich shops to local sports bars, you’ve probably had the experience of receiving and utilizing loyalty cards to receive a bonus at the end collecting a series of stamps. Loyalty programs should go beyond just rewards and discounts, according to McCarter. Through Key Ring you can create campaigns with customizable calls to action, automate geo-targeting, send offers and promotions, notify customers of their points and rewards balances and measure your results.

Incentives from the loyalty programs drives changes to buying behaviors, which translates to program members spending more than non-members at each visit. With the Belly card, you have one universal rewards card (that is attached to your email) which can be used at all participating Belly merchants.

Community Awareness Programs – Donate promotional cards to local churches, schools, and other non-profits as fundraisers. Try offering a free gift that promotes a new product to get the attention of past customers and encourage them to revisit and make another purchase.

Merchants pay a subscription fee that can be as low as $25 per month, plus they can buy additional points to create customized special rewards offers. The more purchases the customer makes, the more freebies they receive, making a powerful case for your customers to become frequent shoppers.

You can create partnerships with other businesses in your local area for cross-store discounts, shared promotions, and sales events that get customers in your store more often. Research has shown that consumers are more likely to return to a business (and spend more) if they are part of a loyalty program.

Its approach is to first partner with a local financial institution in a target community, which helps the company understand the dynamics of the area and the mindset of local shoppers and small businesses. From a customer experience standpoint, it’s confusing to have some locations participate in a loyalty program while others don’t.

The merchant app runs on a tablet, smartphone or point-of-sales terminal and offers detailed customer analytics. The Club is a Hong Kong loyalty program offering rewards, privileges and events. Points International aims to bring state-of-the-art loyalty commerce platforms and products to individuals and businesses, making it easier for businesses to reward customers and for customers to use those rewards.

Remaining engaged to customers with emails and newsletters and yes, loyalty rewards. We make sure that the appointments we set for your company meet all of the criteria that we arrange with you ahead of time. They can use this app to make purchases through their gift card online at , or in-store.

Display your rewards programme on the iPad touchscreen we supply you for quick and easy access by your customers. But a loyalty program can help encourage people to keep coming back to your store. The loyalty scheme is run by Glasgow-based Swipii , which assigns an account manager to each merchant to suggest rewards and marketing tactics to encourage customers to spend more.

Loyalty programs can be simple or complex, and there are many different ways to run them. These programs keep customers coming back to your store as opposed to going to your competition. SoHalo has created a social engagement marketing platform that combines offers and rewards for customers, enabling brands and retailers to connect more personally across all channels.

If you’re planning to start a customer rewards program, the biggest thing to remember is to make sure the rewards you offer are seen as valuable and exclusive. There are different incentives you can offer participating customers. Most research indicates that loyalty programs can help your business and keep customers coming back for more.