Wardrobe woes

With fashion houses showcasing their clothes on skinny models, the imagery associated with the word stylish is often that of lean people in trendy clothes.

But, style is not limited to certain body types alone. It is an idea that often based on one mood and requires a certain panache, elegance and poise. Plus size Cheap Air Jordan 7 Retro 304774-108 Women Black Red Malaysia are equally stylish and confident.

The key is to know your body shape. If you have an hourglass figure, then you definitely got to flaunt it. Pear shapes can try darker shades of clothing to contour the lower body. Just because something is in trend doesn mean that it will always be flattering.

Some people may be able to pull off the latest trends, while others may be better off sticking to more classic styles. Here are a few tips for plus sized women who are wondering what to wear on different occasions.

1. Keep it casualMake sure your outfit is not body hugging. Casual means wearing something comfortable, that will let your skin breathe. When choosing a top with stripes, avoid horizontal lines and opt for one that has vertical ones.

Avoid round necks in tops and tees. Go for angular garments and straight cuts in accessories such as bags and shoes.

2. Ethnic wearThis can get tricky. While wearing traditional outfits, avoid cuts that lay emphasis on the bust area. Always wear a pair of wedges or heels as they add length to the body and Adidas Superstar New BB0326 Unisex Black Silver 2017 Malaysia make you look slimmer.

Air Jordan 3 136064-105 Men Black White Grey 2017 Malaysia. Casually formalFor a semi formal or casually formal look, wear a trendy jacket or a blazer. Jackets help contour and cover the extras in other body parts. Team them with a pair of denims or pencil pants to accentuate your legs. The inner top can have sleeves or be sleeveless, depending on what the wearer is comfortable with. The bags and shoes should be classy. Wedges and ballerina flats go well with this look. While accessorising, make sure your earrings are simple and elegant.

Air Jordan 4 Laser 30th Anniversary Men White Gray Malaysia Price. Time to partyMany of us are bothered by the thought of what to wear to a party, days before the actual event. Though there are a lot of tempting options, do not buy one just because it looked nice on a model or an actor, or you like the colour.

It is best to avoid bodycon outfits. If you wish to wear a gown, go for one that has loose belts or strings, as it helps create an illusion of a slimmer you.

Don be nervous when it comes to trying out a sleeveless or a strappy outfit, but make sure it has vertical lines.

The most common mistake people make is buying an outfit that doesn fit, hoping that it will fit someday.

You might argue that they work as motivation dresses, but they simply are a waste of money. Rather, set a fitness goal and Adidas Superstar New BB0326 Unisex Black Silver 2017 Malaysia make sure you go back and buy that outfit when you achieve the desired result.