Keeping it Simple

lost weight on a prior Weight Watchers program and Adidas Superstar New Adidas Superstar Skull Head 2017 New Style Green Gold Outlet Malaysia on the PointsPlus program.

Guys like things simple. ‘s no different. I wanted to be in shape, but never had the advice or the coaching to get to the next level. I was in shape in my Army days, but I lost it as I got older.

My wife had been on the Plan so I knew the basic concept of tracking PointsPlus values. And she was always trying to get me to try it. She explained it was easy, that you just had to keep to your daily PointsPlus Target every day and you’ll lose weight. Use the brain God gave you.” So I crunched the numbers and it all started coming together for me. I knew I could do it if I just gave it some thought. It’s not a magic pill or a magic formula, but if you follow the guidelines, you’ll be successful. And then it just became second nature. After a little while I didn’t feel like I was doing anything different, or making any sacrifices, just entering my food into the PointsPlus Tracker. The website is so straightforward and simple. Point, click, boom, done, simple, precise, to the point. I could enter my info and move on to the next part of my day.

One of the best parts of the Plan is the weekly PointsPlus Allowance. A lot of people have this mindset that once you hit your daily PointsPlus Target, that you’re done for the day. But that’s not the case. You also have these extras that you can spread throughout the week whenever you need them. I love having that flexibility.

Using the Online tools

I love using the Recipe Finder. I can just plug in whatever I had in the fridge: scallops, asparagus and onion. And a recipe would pop up that I could cook with my wife. So easy.

The Weight Tracker is great too. When I’d weigh myself every week I’d just plug my weight in and when I hit milestones a little star would pop up. 5%, 10%, another five pounds. It was a real motivator.

Just right for guys

Weight Watchers Air Jordan 11 Low GS 897331-100 Unisex White Malaysia Online for Nike Air Max Tavas Men Grey White Blue Malaysia Price is great. I really feel like it’s personalized for me. It’s not leading me towards going to yoga classes or dance classes or anything like that. It’s showing me how to buy the best running shoes, how to properly stretch, how to build my upper body strength things I’m really interested in.

The fitness factor

I didn’t start going to the gym like an animal. I just continued my routine of walking and the pounds started coming off. I’d tried the gym. I tried walking with the weight vest on the treadmill. I’d think if I did an extra mile at the gym, weight would fall off. But then I’d go home and still eat an entire pizza and drink beer. I realized it’s not just about the gym. I needed proper nutrition.

Happy hours

I think like most guys, I’d go out after work for a beer and it would turn into two, three, four beers and suddenly there’s chicken wings in front of you. Or you’d go home late from work and you’re hungry so you just pull out whatever’s there: pizza, chips. It was just mindless eating. Ice cream is a big vice of mine. I love it and I still eat it and treat myself. I just don’t eat it every night.

I’m from the heartland, so I’m a big meat and potatoes guy. I’m not giving that up. I have my steaks and my burgers still. I just use portion control. But on top of that, Weight Watchers opened my eyes to tons of fruits and vegetables that I’d never tried like kiwi, mango and star fruit. I felt like a whole Adidas Superstar New Adidas Superstar Skull Head 2017 New Style Green Gold Outlet Malaysia world was opened up to me in the supermarket. I never would have stopped to smell a mango or feel a cantaloupe before.

The option he needed

<img src=" Jordan/Air Jordan 4/Retro 930155-032 Men Black.jpg” style=”max-width:400px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;”>I think a lot of guys think they can lose weight on their own if they want to. That’s what I thought. But then I realized it just wasn’t working. Weight is one of those things that just gets out of control. You don’t really think about it since food is a part of your everyday life. Weight Watchers Online was the option I needed. It just made me more mindful. This has become my lifestyle.

The best part

My wife thinks I have a big head now because I’ve lost so much weight. But she’s thinks I’m hot. I’ve always smiled, but now my dimples are showing big time. I’m loving it. I’m holding my head high and saying, “Look at me. This is the end result.”