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Everyone manages to squeeze into shot for a family photo with actress Linda RobsonAlways dreamed of having a big family? How big? We’ve tracked down Tracy and Pete Lewis, who have 12 children. So before you decide how many kids you should have you’d better read this!

That oft quoted figure of 2.4 children making up the average family is now a statistical relic. Nowadays the average is 1.Air Jordan 6 Retro Carmine 384664-160 Unisex White Red Malaysia Price children per family and it seems to continue to plummet. But there are still parents out there that buck the trend.

Big Is BeautifulBathroom Rush In the morning don’t expect the room to yourself!For Tracy and Pete Lewis “Big is Beautiful” when you talk about families. They have 12 children with number 13 on the way. Their children range from 19 to I suppose, minus two months, all of whom cram into a five bedroom house in the South of England. (That’s an average of three people per bedroom for those people still marvelling at the power of statistics).

Having so many offspring, however, Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 BB1826 Unisex Grey Orange Malaysia Price wasn’t necessarily how Tracy saw her family life turning out. She says, “We thought we’d have four The thing is I met a good caring husband who knows how maternal I am and he has supported everything I wanted I couldn’t have done it without him”.

Dad prepares a meal for 14Family life seems to come easily to the household. There are two sittings for every meal. Breakfast alone sees the consumption of at least two loaves of bread and two boxes of cereal and up to 12 pints of milk

No sooner is breakfast out of the way then it’s on to making packed lunches for everyone and then on to thinking about all that washing.

Tea has got to be ready for Air Jordan 4 Retro Dunk From Above 308497-425 Men Dark Blue Yellow Malaysia Price.30 when starving kids start to return from their day at school. We realise we are so lucky to have a family full of healthy and happy children”.

“People tend to imagine themselves in your shoes, and Air Jordan XXXI Rio 845037-325 Men Blue Green Malaysia Online then can’t see how you can possibly cope. Really, Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 BB1826 Unisex Grey Orange Malaysia Price you have to learn to take things in your stride”.

In the end it’s all down to how you feel as a parent. Pete says;

“there’s never a dull moment in our house. It’s great doing everything together and I really enjoy being in such a large, happy family”.