Ouellette wins Winnipeg Centre

The energy was palpable at the TYC Event Centre (1405 St. Matthews Ave.), where Ouellette supporters gathered to learn the results. Many of them, such as volunteer Ben Hopper. had known Ouellette from his 2014 mayoral campaign.

“I knew my vote was no longer going to go to Pat Martin so I was waiting to see who would run for Liberal, thank God that (Ouellette) did,” Hopper said.

Ouellette also garnered support by being involved in community events, such as the Walk a Mile in My Shoes fundraiser. Gerry Bisch of West Broadway Community Services began volunteering for Ouellette after seeing his involvement in the project,and converse türkiye Bisch said he been putting in 10 to 12 hour days since Oct. 1.

“It was worth everything,” Bisch said. “Trudeaumania has taken over. It was worth everything, it overwhelming.”

According to unofficial results, Ouellette secured 18,471 votes, or 54.5 per cent, compared with Martin 9,490 votes (28 per cent).

NDP supporters agreed that the outcome had more to do with Trudeau and Ouellette visibility than a preference for the Liberal platform.

“I still trying to wrap my head around it,” said NDP volunteer Matt Austman. “I don know if it as much abandonment of the NDP as much as it kind of swung that way and that how elections go sometimes I think what Canadians are looking for in a leader has shifted.”

Conservative Party candidate Allie Szarkiewicz made the top three in the riding with 12.4 per cent of the vote. Szarkiewicz campaign manager Paula Havixbeck was grateful for the tremendous amount of support that they received.

“We ran a good race and there were a lot of things going on beyond our control,” Havixbeck said.

When asked if she would consider working with Ouellette in the future, converse türkiye Szarkiewicz replied, “He can call me.”

Despite a lot of confidence from Green Party candidate Don Woodstock family and supporters, Woodstock won 4.1 per cent of the vote. He said he will continue to work for the area.

“I willing to work with anyone who wants to make change happen,” Woodstock said, converseผู้หญิง ราคา stating that he hopes to work with Ouellette to help improve the Winnipeg Centre area.