Joining a couple dozen other couples who have been married for at least 50 years, Rocco and Marie Saldato renewed their wedding vows Wednesday afternoon at Saint Bernadine’s Catholic Church in Woodland Hills.

Rocco wore his best attire a tuxedo he purchased this year when he achieved knighthood with the Knights of converse españa telefono Columbus.

I told him he had to,” converse 2016 Marie, 80, said laughing. So he put it on.”

Rocco was by far the best dressed for the occasion. But he wasn’t the only one in a crowd of elders still smitten by their lifelong partners.

Gathered in the Saint Bernadine’s auditorium were couples with more than a thousand years of combined marriage.

The Saldatos were surrounded by other West Valley couples in the short ceremony, sponsored by Columbia HCA’s Senior Friends, a social group for senior citizens.

Most in the group had silver hair, or no hair. Some walked with canes. They came in suits and wingtips. Baseball caps and tennis shoes.

They held hands and kissed.

Edward and Helen Beran were among the couples. Edward claims the reason behind his marriage’s longevity is that Helen lets him be boss. Helen’s look says it’s because she lets Edward think so.

We had a big wedding,” Helen, who grew up on the same Pittsburgh street as Edward, said quietly. It lasted a couple of days. That’s how you did it in those days. That was our honeymoon. We stayed right there.”

The Berans have three children, now 64, 48 and 40; six grandchildren; and 11 great grandchildren.

Paul and Dorothy Green were a handsome young couple when they married in in 1946. They still are. And they still remember the first time they saw each other as if it were yesterday.

I thought she was a very pretty girl, but I thought she was a little on the chunky side. I think I made a good impression on her because she slimmed down,” Paul said, laughing.

A wartime romance

We met in the fall of 1945, after I came back from the service,” Paul, 78, continued. I was going converse españa telefono to school in Wisconsin. She was the secretary of the president of the Institute of Technology.

She was a young thing running around loose,” he said, laughing loudly. We dated for about a year and a half. And we finally decided we’d get married.”

Dorothy, 71, remembers things a little differently.

I thought he was really pretty nice. I just know that I had been going with a young man all through high school, and the next day I called him and told him I didn’t want to see him again. I just knew. Paul was different than anybody I’d ever met.”

But Paul, said Dorothy, had just returned from the war.

He had a little wild oats to sow yet,” she said. So I kind of gave up on him because he was doing all this running around. So after that, he straightened up. He decided he wanted to settle down. So we got married.”

And obviously, it’s worked, Paul said. We like each other. We’re good friends. We put up with each other’s faults. We get mad at each other every once in a while. And she takes very good care of me.”

A lifetime together

Following the brief ceremony, the Saldatos ate wedding cake and fruit and washed it down with hot coffee at a table by themselves, while Marie recounted the couple’s love story. Their story started like the Berans’.

We were born two houses down from each other,” Marie began, with Rocco nodding his head. Then his parents moved off that street. And then we moved also. We didn’t know I was moving two doors down from him again. I didn’t like him because he always beat me in all the games. Then he went into the war. And all the other boys in the neighborhood died there.

He came home on furlough. He asked me for a date, and I went out with him. Just for a walk.

He went back to the war. I sent him Christmas cookies. He thanked me. That’s when our love started.