lol smurfFastest way to level in League of Legends

Perhaps you’re a new player starting your LoL career or a experienced player that has been banned.

As you’re leveling your account, you’ve felt the urge to play ranked games right away, but found out a problem… you’re not level 30 yet!

As a new player, you might wonder how much it takes to level to 30, hours, days, weeks?

There are many different methods to level up, but here we will explain the fastest method.

– Purchase experience boosts(weekly duration) and per win boost

Purchasing weekly duration boost combined with per win boost, with a 50% winrate on normal games, it could take 100-125 games to get level 30… almost 100 hours on average! Definitely not the fastest way.

You could play bot games to archieve 100% winrate , it would take around 80 hours this way… however bot games give less experience and are more boring to play.

So , what’s the total cost for this method?

Almost 100 hours of gametime ( depending if you play normal/aram or bot games )

40€ worth of RP ( duration boost and per win boost )

However, is there a quicker ( and cheaper way ) out there?

Yes , there it is . You can buy lol account euw level 30 smurf accounts for just 20€ at . Moreover, you’ll receive your account instantly.

Overall, you’ll save yourself 20€ and up to 100hours of gametime. Interesting, right?

Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty on their unranked accounts. So if you want to get started with your league of legends smurf, definitely go to and purchase yours.