What Can Be Used to Protect High Heels From Scratch Marks

High heel tips, usually made from rubber or plastic, take the brunt of the wear and tear, and can even fall right off after frequent use. This exposes the heel’s metal core, and not only Converse Sale turns the shoe into a clickety clackety nightmare, but can make the heel itself wear out faster.

Plastic or rubber replacement heel caps, also called heel stoppers, don’t just reduce Converse Sale stress on the tips and eliminate the need for repeated repairs; they also keep the tip material from getting scratched up.

For bare leather, wipe off any dirt with warm water and a soft cloth, let them air chaussures converse soldes dry and then work the polish into the leather with a horsehair brush.

For oiled leather, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in leather cleaner, let the shoes air dry and then work an oil based leather protector into the converse παιδικα skroutz material with a new cloth. For patent leather, clean with mild soap and a soft cloth, and then add a patent leather cleaner that contains silicone. For suede or nubuck, treat with a silicone spray.