Chicago has launched, its now annual Architectural Biennial, which would invite up-and-coming featured/future Architects to show case their design works to build the “Future” and at nowhere else but Chicago!

They have over 130 participants from 30 countries on six continents currently, in hopes to tackle leading problems the world has today like proper sustainable housing and future structures that are build to withstand nature’s forces.

One topic in particular talks abut affordable housing. As an developed for the Mekong Delta outside of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, was designed to address the housing crisis that exists there. In similar cases they are hoping to create future solutions to human residential and habitual problems.

One example refers to the bamboo thatch, which has a steel frame and can be skinned in different ways for different climates, can be assembled in one day. and it only costs about $3,500. Talk about time and cost efficiency, the solutions are ready but more research is needed to ensure a safer and note worthy living quarters for future residents.

In relevant news, the Architecture Biennial ends this week unfortunately, but don’t worry it will return again in the fall of 2017, to maintain Chicago’s tradition of inventive architectural design.

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