The Ten Necessities of Life: What are your ten?

I came across this story by my friend who is a writer living in New York. It begins:

“One afternoon, during my lunch break, I happened upon a young woman at the corner of 85th and Fifth Avenue who was handing out literature for the Diamond Sutra Society of Flushing, Queens. She was dressed in traditional Korean costume, a glittering jewel in the searing July sun. She handed me a pamphlet which I accepted more out of courtesy than any compelling interest.
“May this book help you find the truth,” she told me.
I asked, in a knee-jerk way, “Of what?”
“Of everything,” she said.

Interested? Read the rest here —

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@DennisSmith – sharing this peg of an edifying article What a fascinating way of classifying the clutter in our lives! Things Needed Out of Desire. Things Owned Because Others Own Them. Things Possessed Out of Vanity. Things Possessed Out of Fear. Superfluous Things. Things Acquired Out of Habit. Things Bought Because They Were On Sale. Things Owned in Excess. Things That Give a Sense of Security. Things I Never Owned in Childhood. Things That Have Sentimental Value. Things I Acquire In Order to Give Away. Things I Thought Were Necessary But No Longer Do. Things I Have Outgrown I wonder… Read more »