The Gentleman mentality vs the Female expectations

In the spirit of being equal to both sexes men have had the “gentleman” reputation for centuries doing courteous things for women to show care, courtesy and respect.

But what about women what have women done to show the equal nature to men?

Men don’t want you to suddenly start opening doors for them. or do what men do. But what can women do to show kindness back?

This is in complete interest of equality for both genders with no biased view just a simple critical thinking question please answer objectively…

What do you think? because fairness has been questioned many times pertaining to men who have been doing things for women just cause it is the “normal” way to act as a gentleman.

Ladies on the other hand are treated with such respect that sort of spoil them in a way that when she doesn’t get her way she would instantly think that the man is not a gentle man and treat him with prejudice.

Some times this comes off with a tone and a remark that is hurtful at best. Where are if a man contradicts a woman he is seen as a bad guy, one without breeding and the like…

Is this truly fair? My opinion, women should be thankful that guys are like that to them, women should also value respect towards men and women alike so that the respect given may also be returned.

What do you think? Respect is missing nowadays… could this be the reason why fewer men treat women differently? Is it a lack of respect women have for men?

What do you think?

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John Dela Cruz

Oh I get what you mean, I see well if fair is fair I think you are pretty spot on with respect being the key issue not that men have to do those things or that women should also do things in return. Its a matter of respecting each other regardless of gender. Thats equality folks girls don’t be mad if someone doesn’t open the door for you and men please do treat women with equal respect.

We are all human beings after all being kind has nothing to do with gender.