This is from out friend Billy Goldfeder. Chief Goldfeder can always be counted on to bring helpful items to the forefront of firefighting and protection.
So… I was looking at a website about a fire conference in South Africa and noted a unique product being shown by a vendor-and what struck me is the very real issue of fires in their slums and shanty town. Communities filled with thousands of people-living literally in shacks…and that’s a nice description for some of their living conditions.

I looked up their site and found a really interesting solution to help detect FIRES in these poorest of the poor communities. We already KNOW that children, elderly and the poor are most often the victims of fires. Show us a poor community and we’ll show you fires. Socio-economic stuff.

I found the website of a “start up” group called Lumkani. Lumkami has developed an early-warning system to reduce the damage and destruction caused by the spread of shack/slum fires in those urban informal settlements.

Many cooking, lighting and heating methods used by the people living in these informal settlements and slums produce smoke. Because of this, the Lumkani detectors use rate-of-rise of temperature technology to accurately measure the incidence of dangerous fires and limit the occurrence of false alarms.
Population density is a challenge that all urban informal settlements share – and as you know, is a major risk factor that enables the rapid spread of fire. In order to provide sufficient early-warning, a “community alert” is required. These Lumkani detectors are networked within a large area radius so that in the event of a fire-all the devices in the range will sound together, enabling a community-wide response to the fire. This buys time for communities to react-and fire companies to respond. Sort of like the old days of bells sounding so all can assist in fighting the fire, bucket brigades-the Ben Franklin days-only those days exist now, in 2015.

These devices are smart and centralized as they gather information through the detector mesh network. These devices constantly check the health of the system and in the event of fire, store GPS coordinates and simultaneously send text-message warnings to members of the affected community. The next phase they are working on is to send, in real-time, the coordinates of fires to the fire department.
Whoa….pretty cool.

I thought you would find this of interest-here is a link to their website-WATCH THE VIDEO and check it out…already they have stopped fires before they could spread. When you see the photos of the communities, you will see just how serious a fire problem they have-and how this has already made a huge difference.