About the Plant:

The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum) is definitely one of the most popular houseplants to have even if you don’t have a green thumb. They are especially good at purifying the air in your home and they are very easy to maintain and propagate.

What it does:

The rid the air of the more known hazardous chemicals and toxins like formaldehyde and benzene making this a great plant to have around the house.

It’s a fast grower and a hardy plant to have, just give it the right amount of care and attention it needs.

Plant Care:

They can be planted anywhere, in your garden lawn or in pots if you live in a condo.

Spider plants are best planted in hanging pots because of its unique characteristic of having its young drape downwards dangling like little spiders on a web.

It’s a sure conversation starter because of the unique leaf shape and combination of color patterns common in most varieties of Ivy.


The Spider Plant needs bright florescent or other in-direct lighting even just placing it near a partially shaded window area and the plant will do fine.


They require minimal attention when it comes to watering, you can actually leave it for a day or two without water and it would still survive, however it is best to water it thoroughly when you do and let the water run off the bottom of the pot so that it doesn’t sit in water long to avoid root and trunk rot.

If your spider plant has babies, use a spray bottle to mist the tiny roots around the stem of the plant. Do the same before you pick them off the mother plant to lessen the shock on the baby spider plants during the transfer.


It’s easy to propagate spider plants, just pinch off small spider plants on its draping stems. Check if the babies have roots just cut or pull them from the main stem and place them on top of the soil or plant them as you would burying the roots and trunk.

These are great plants to have in your garden or home.

Even pinch some of the baby spider plants off and plant them in small pots to give them as gifts to friends and relatives.

Everyone will love getting a unique looking plant like this, and as a bonus by spreading the plant to other people you are actually making the world a cleaner place to live in because of its ability to clean the air effectively.

Think about that what a cool and giving plant to have!

Thanks for reading and happy planting!