Sansevieria trifasciata or as it is most commonly known “Snake Plants” or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” are one of the toughest house plants to have.

About the Plant:

Sanseviera as a species of plants are quite versatile rarely needing care or maintenance. they thrive on just about any soil condition and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is ideal for beginners, but seasoned gardeners also love this accent plant’s dramatic, sword-shaped leaves. Slow-growing, it will live for many years with good care.

Every part of the plant is poisonous if ingested so keep your pets clear from them. touching the plant won’t do you any harm and there is no known account of skin irritation from the plant.

What it does:

The Sanseviera plant family is unique because it actually converts a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) to oxygen (O2) at night. Alternatively it also filters out air pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. Making this the perfect plant to have inside your bedroom so that you can enjoy a healthy oxygen boost while you sleep.

Plant Care:

Built for brown thumbs the sanseviera plant species require very minimal care and attention. The only thing you need to remember is DO NOT OVER WATER!


They will thrive in direct sunlight or florescent indoor lighting but will survive and tolerate even in low light conditions.


Watering the snake plant is quite easy, remember this ONLY WATER IF DRY! This will give the plant time to fully absorb enough water that it needs and not sit too long in water and develop root rot.

The recommend gauge for watering should be done depending on the soil condition a trick to do this is to touch the soil with the tip of your finger and see if it’s dry or still a little wet. ONLY WATER IF DRY! When watering only water on the sides of the plant keeping the soil moist but not too wet especially around the center of the plant.

During the winter season, water just enough to prevent the soil from drying out. Take care not to over water the center of the leaves because they’ll rot easily if kept wet.

I hope I’ve stressed out the words “ONLY WATER IF DRY!” and “DO NOT OVER WATER!” enough because root rot is just about the only problem that will kill this plant.

Propagation Method:

Cut a leaf about (4) Four to (5) Five inches and plant them on the ground about halfway deep as long as its right side up, within a few weeks new clusters of snake plants should grow from the side of the leaf cutting.

Break of the yellow/white root like junction at the bottom of the plant, simply plant them upright and leave them to grow.


The leaf cuttings will eventually dry out or die but don’t panic and do not remove it from the ground as soon as the leaf turns yellow and dry up. Wait until the new cluster of snake plants are visible enough grow and about an Inch in length. This is so that you don’t kill off any new potential baby snake plants.

Keep growing as many of these plants as you can because they literally clean the air you breath. Help make the world a cleaner and healthier place to live in.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Planting Everyone!