Has any body heard of the Osaka Fern?

It is a fern that has wavy edge patterns on its leaves with an exotic looking jungle feel which makes it a real eye catcher and a distinctive type of houseplant to have.

About the plant:

The Osaka Fern is truly a unique houseplant to have, it has very distinct lasagna-like ruffled leaves and is a rare fern that if found is said to be in tropical areas where conditions are good and growing amongst the trunks and branches of trees in humid areas such as rainforests.

These plants grow in a nest-like pattern with similar to a bird’s nest hence the name.

Plant care:

As with other ferns, the Osaka fern loves high levels of humidity, it is after all a tropical rainforest kind of plant, which makes it fairly easy to grow.


It doesn’t require much light, it can thrive in a shady location and maintain it’s lush apple green leaf color, which is why most experience gardeners keep these plant indoors as it also does well in well lit florescent indoor lighting


It likes watering about every other day, just make sure that you have it in a nice pot which drains quickly and thoroughly as it does not like sitting in water as much, just keep the soil damp at almost all times and it will be happy.

Propagation Method:

The Osaka Fern reproduces by means of producing spores that given time and the right conditions will yield many little ferns.

Another method to propagate the fern is to collect tissue extractions, which prove extremely challenging to do especially without proper knowledge or training.

My recommendation to propagating these rare ferns is by placing them in a wide area enclosed in transparent plastic wrap to trap the spores and contain them in the same area that you would want them to appear, keep the top and bottom of the hanging planter open and accessible for watering and draining.