About the Plant:

English Ivy plants (Hedera helix) is an invasive plant that goes quite easily and is a hard plant that most gardeners use it for landscaping usually as wall covers since it’s a crawler, it basically covers almost any surface. It’s a popular choice for covering gates.

What it does:

The great thing about the English Ivy is its ability to absorb formaldehyde, one of the more popular in-door pollutants usually found in wood floorboard and synthetics including carpets.

It also helps reduce airborne feces by absorbing it under its dangling arial roots or through the soil, not a bad choice to have as a bathroom plant.

Plant Care:

Basically all you need to do if you have an English Ivy in the garden, pruning it will encourage it to grow but don’t let it spread too much as this plant will actually overrun the area if not maintained.


These Ivy’s are usually an evergreen vine and thus they will grow when planted in a well-drained soil, preferably in part sun, part shade or some varieties even grow better when in full shade.


This plant thrives easily and watering isn’t that difficult, since they are normally found and used in landscaping its adaptable to changes in its environment so water the plant at least once everyday if you are in a tropical or warm region. Water less during winter season only if the soil is dry to the touch.

it is always exposed to the elements and constant rain and sun light wont bring any harm to this plant some varieties even survive under extreme conditions such as being covered under full snow during the winter months.


Check the plant for small roots coming out from the sides of the stem segments, cut out about a few millimeters just after the segment and use the cuttings to start another Ivy plant.

Place them on top of the soil and lightly cover the main stem with dirt just enough to cover the roots and then water regularly until the plant gets established well enough to withstand the elements.

Thanks for reading and happy planting!