Don’t travel with the Zika Virus!

Traveling is to places is a fun and a wonderful experience. However with the onset of current health related concerns,and with the occurance of ever evolving viruses and illness that are causing a great deal of concern for people in affected areas.

If you are planning to go traveling anytime soon, be it for work related reasons please take proper caution use insect spray and take special care  to research and if at all possible avoid places with noted Zika virus outbreaks, this virus has spread from host to host by way of mosquito bites.

Best not to risk it… please do your research and be aware it is a must to watch over your health this goes double especially for pregnant women.

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This is very true and alarming. Please use bug spray and insect repellants especially on your kids. Mosquitos are rarely felt when they land on you and the “bite” could transfer the infected blood to you without you knowing. Please inform your friends and family to be aware of this as the consequences for this particular strain of virus is really scary.