I never liked getting or giving parking tickets. If I issued a moving violation and I did, you deserved it. If I was walking a beat and came across a blocked fire hydrant, I wrote a ticket. There was certain violations that were inexcusable but for the most part I never looked to write tickets. I remember the Clerk of the precinct, at the orders of the Captain kept a log of how many tickets each officer issued. One day after roll call, I was told to see the Captain, never good news.

I knocked at his office door, walked in, ” Did you want to see me Cap ” Yes he said. Do you know ” You haven`t issued a ticket in 18 months “?. I began a bad imitation of Groucho Marks and replied ” No but if you hum a few bars, I`ll pick it up “. I thought it was a little funny, he did not. He said “Get Out “.

My Partner and I was taken out of a radio car and assigned walking beats, our punishment. Although he had nothing to do with my conversation with the Captain, where I went , he went, we were partners.
The next evening while walking my beat, I heard the Sergeant tell dispatch to have me issue summonses to double parked cars on Grove St.

I walked over, turned the corner and saw that there was about 8 cars doubled parked, traffic was still able to pass. There were a lot of stores and a laundromat on this block, people were double parking, running in and out, I had no problem with that, but Sarge was in the area.

I walked by the stores, stuck my head in and let them know they had a few minutes before I issued a ticket. I did all I could not to write a ticket, never liked them. After a few minutes, I began to write tickets. I was on my third ticket, half way written and this guy came out of the laundry.

He was irate and as I kept writing, he was screaming that he was a cop, I kept an eye on him. His body language was threatening. He yelled at me again and a crowd began to form. I handed him the ticket and asked to see his ID. He ripped the ticket up and threw it at me.

I Thought, What Balls he had, I always wanted to do that to a cop but I never thought I would be the cop. I took a step back, called for a radio car, put my radio in it`s holder and began to place him on the car. He resisted and my partner and I cuffed him, he was not a cop and at this point it did not matter.

At the Precinct, he was placed in the holding cage, what a mess. I asked him if he was having a bad day. I reminded him he was impersonating a cop and he littered on my post.

His wife came to the precinct and spoke to my Lieutenant and I. She said he was a hot head but not any problem and could I give him a break. She was a nice lady and he was an idiot. I went back to the holding cell and told him he would be released because his wife explained he was an asshole, I was good with that.

I issued him a ticket for littering and let him go. You would think the Captain was proud of me but he was not. He felt that me and my partner should walk a beat in Lafayette Projects for a long time. The good news for the Lafayette project area was that we were not writing any tickets because I never liked em….
It`s the little things that end badly. We were interested in crimes and making good arrests. The good people in Lafayette projects were glad to see us, The drug dealers were not but most importantly, we were happy and nobody in the projects got parking tickets.
Just another day on the beat….