So we get this call, 4:30 in the afternoon, early for dumb shit.
Dispatch : East 1 – 364 Newark Ave, caller states boyfriend won`t leave. We arrive at the address. It is a second floor apartment above a bar. My partner and I walked up the stairs, knocked at the door.

A young female opened the door , I asked her if their was a problem? She said her boyfriend was in the living room and she wanted him out. I asked her who let him in ? I explained that we would remove him but if she allows him back in and we get a call, everyone was going to be arrested and charged. We did not like coming back to a call. Sometimes these calls were so out of control, everybody got cuffed, and then you can sought it out safely.

We walked into the apartment, toward a male sitting on the couch. I noticed he was a body builder, probably the steroid variety. My partner was standing to my left. We approached, I told him she wanted him out and he was leaving, he said ” No I`m not ” and began to stand up.

For some reason these muscle necks have to take off their shirt or in this case his jacket to square off with us, big mistake. My partner saw this and rushed him, knocking him back onto the couch. There was an open window right behind the couch, he was half out and resisting. I keyed my radio and only had time to say ” back up ” because I had to dive in here, this fuck was big.

Good communications with dispatch is life saving. Letting them know you were off at a certain address matters when you have no time to talk. We were fighting this guy, refusing to let him up, he was too strong to be allowed to stand on his two feet. My partner was real strong, I picked him partly because his job prior to cop was delivering 7up, strong.

All this happened in minutes, we were fighting and I heard a commotion behind me. All of a sudden their was 5 cops running through the door. We all easily cuffed this idiot. I said to our back up, nice response, usually you waited and fought for at least a few minutes.

They said ” We were down in the fucking bar, we heard you call for back up and the dispatcher gave the address for any units in the area. So we asked the bartender what was the address we were at ? He said 364. That is how we got here so fast. I loved it.

Great guys. You really appreciate back up when your rolling around. I will never forget the sound of five cops running up the stairs when your rolling. I said to my partner nice job rushing this fuck ! He went to jail to continue his quest to be Mr Universe . Our back up went back to their investigation in the bar downstairs and we were glad to see them, Cheers !!!!