Hey all this is a set of my version of quick 5 minute workout routines you can do without really expensive gym memberships or buying over priced exercise equipment to stay in shape.

Best of all, you can do it practically anywhere all it takes is just 5 minutes you of your time!

However you prefer it you can use your phone timer or actual alarm clock to set 1 minute interval for each routine.

Lets start things of easy with these simple exercises:

Exercise no. 1: The 1 minute jumping jacks variations.
It’s the regular jumping jacks, but instead of simply throwing your arms up and bringing them down to the sides as you land. In its place you will now include an additional 1 second delay per phase of jumping and landing.

So that’s a jump with the legs open, arms from the waist go up to the sides at shoulder level only, then upon landing with your feet apart in the usual half split position, you then allow your knees to bend slightly so as to cushion the landing.

The next part is to do the full sequence with the arms now reaching upwards and then landing half way to shoulder level as you stick the landing with knees bending as your feet hit the ground. Continue this for 1 full minute without rest.

Exercise no. 2: The 1 minute rush push-ups

The regular push up is at a balanced horizontal plane where you are almost doing a planking position with arms at shoulder with placed comfortably to maximize the movements and effects of the exercise.

The usual push up exercise routine relies on doing sets with various repetitions, however for this series we are going to be completing a full one minute push up sequence going as fast as you can, while maintaining proper push up form and technique you basically rush it to do as much as you can within the 1 minute mark.

Exercise no. 3: The 1 minute elbow plank

This one is pretty straight forward; since you are already coming from the push up position, you simply lower your stance to the planking position by folding your elbows and using them to balance yourself for a full 1 minute.

Remember to breathe, as this will be the hardest part of the exercise. I’m not joking this is the sweat builder that will be more of a challenge in the entire set!

Exercise no. 4: It’s burpees time!

Still in the plank position you alternate from a push up stance to the squat stance followed by a quick jump and then as you land you quickly go back to the push up position.

You then do this for 1 minute without resting, just be careful and practice safety as this exercise should be done at a controlled pace so that you don’t fall down accidentally.

Exercise no. 5: It’s Crunch time baby!

Well if you made it this far all you have to do it finish this last set and your done!

Start of with your back flat on the floor, then bend your knees and place your arms on your knees and with out supporting your body with your hands you bend forwards so that your arms move to reach past your knees. You then go back down from your start position and continue this step for 1 minute to complete the set.

So how was it? Did you complete the full set without rest?

Now that that’s over you can now enjoy the rest of your day, after all it only took you 5 minutes to get fit right?

And for those of you, who are really hardcore, try doing the complete set for 3 repetitions and see if you survive the challenge!

I’ll be posting more of these 5 minute routines for your benefit so please check back often to stay updated!

Please also post your results here including any questions or concerns you may have!